Floors Sag Or Shake??
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Church Rebuild

Repaired Porch
This porch was built on fill dirt.It settled about 2 inches leaving the columns in an unsafe condition.It was jacked up,dug under,re-poured,re-attached,re-barred,new steps added,quarry tile added, and the columns were repaired as well.
Repaired  "Saggy" Porch
The main beam along the outside of the porches is inside L.V.L..s and due to moisture the beam is bending causing it to bow allowing the screened porches to sag.we used a 30 foot galvanized steel beam across the carport/garage and under the deck and porches. ....for more detail on this job,click the picture to the left .
This church was built in  the 1800s.The roof was so damaged it had to be removed piece by piece and rebuilt..there was termite damage in the band boards and reworking of fixtures and wiring.
Failing Retainer Wall
This pilaster is being installed to ensure there is no shifting of the wall.For more detail,click the pic to the left.
Unattached Retainer Wall
This is the wall before repair.The wall was not connected to the brick wall.
Rotted Siding (*asbestos)
This is an older home with asbestos siding.The siding fell off exposing a rotted corner.For more detail on this project,please click the picture to the left.
Various Projects
These are some various projects.Things such as crawlspace and footings are the basis of larger projects.These are essential elements in the stability of your home's foundation.
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